CanineLegacy’s Captain

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Captain’s Pedigree


Pedigree of CanineLegacy’s Captain

CanineLegacy’s Captain

Winfall’s Fashion Sense

Ch Winfall’s Ive Got What it Takes Ch Hi-Stand’s How Doya Like Sarkel’s True Grit
Hi Stand’s Signature of Sarkel
Winfall’s I’ve Got Style

Winfall’s Style
Winfall’s Trouble
Winfall Allin Style and Dreams Brookwood’s Place of Dreams

Brookwood’s Dream Dancer

Brookwood’s Place Your Bets

Ch Winfall Allin Stride Winfall’s Allinclusives
Winfall’s Zoie
CanineLegacy’s Luna KG Halcyon Fire King

High River’s Taylor Made of Backwoods

High River’s Cadet of Salbad

High River’s Classic Rose
Halcyon Unchained Melody

Lynbary’s Ode to Cachet

Halcyon Chances Are
Ch Medousa’s Legacy Jenna Ch Medousa’s Hell of a Buzz Dreamboat’s Bugg A Boo
BoomBastique Domino of Medousa

Ch Medousa’s Sweetest Tabu
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